About Our Delivery Service

Bloom Funeral Flowers specializes in flower delivery for funeral services, memorial mass  , cemetary flowers and in home sympathy delivery.


We ask for information before delivery confirming the location of service and time, name of person whom memorial service is being held for and message if applicable.

Once order is placed for funeral home, we always deliver before funeral service to ensure timely setup and any last minute adjustments if any. We can only deliver once to the funeral home, as we cannot enter while service is in procession.

If flower delivery is to a mass, we ask for time of mass & whom mass is being held for. We will have delivery there before delivery time if possible with church, to ensure timely setup.

Home & Office deliveries require a valid phone number to call upon delivery. We will only attempt delivery TWICE to a home or business/office. If 2nd delivery attempt fails, we will leavr in front of residence and take picture, or leave at business and take picture of delivery.

Please ensure your cooperation and accurate information for timely arrival. With funeral homes, make sure they are accepting flowers on day specified and they are aware of any deliveries please. Funeral Home personnel tend to be preoccupied and if any issues, please give us a call 312934694 or send a text and we will resolve asap.